Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In The Life Day 4

Good morning bloggers!

Today is Day 4 of my Week In The Life Project

Thursday, July 24

 8:55 Time to get up

9:45 Head to our favorite diner, Bic's for breakfast

11:00 We say goodbye to Dad

11:20 Stop at the daycare to check on The Girls

12:00  Home Depot for house plants & a soaker hose

1:00 Wii Mario Kart

 Have I mentioned how much we suck at this game?
I think I died on almost every race!
But when your controller is hot pink, it's impossible for it not to be fun!

 Ed Dog wants to play too!

2:00 Eyes are driving me NUTS! 
Time to take the contacts out.

4:15 Heading outside to get the new plants into pots
 There was just no possible way for this picture to be even remotely flattering.....
but my Bromeliads are beautiful!

4:30 Steve puts out the soaker hoses
Ed Dog helps

5:30 Heading out to pick up food.
Is it really this hot again????

5:50 Dinner Time

7:00 Bauer Time!

and Pea-ing from my phone 

9:26 Bedtime.  Back to work tomorrow

Sundays are pretty slow days for us, but I'm happy with the pictures so far!

How is your WIL going?

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  1. Love the dog "helping" out! and your clock pictures came out great

    Vicki(from 2peas Dancingfish)


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