Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Retreat

Hello Thursday!

How has your week been so far?
Not too bad here at all.
Hot, but we have Air Conditioning.

Sometimes I stop & think about what it must have been like to live here in Texas back in the days before AC. 
Old John Wayne movies pop into my head.

Open windows (that let some of the ginormous Texas bugs in), no refrigerators, no fans, women in long dresses cooking over fires in 100* temps.
Doesn't sound fun at all.

Note to self: Quit bitching about the heat-- it could be way worse.

I've started a new mini-book project that I'll share soon.

It is "365 Things that I'm Thankful For"

As of right now, Air Conditioning is #37.

On to business!!

Today's layout is one of those "Get Gobs of Pictures On The Page" projects.

I had a ton of pictures from my Summer '09 retreat, but only wanted to do 2 pages.  

(This '09 Chronological Album has already had to be split into 3 albums.  
Evidently '09 was a busy year for us!)

Here's my solution:

The flaps were really easy to make.  
All I did was cut a matching piece of cardstock in half (to make it 6"x12").

I scored the top 1" across the 12" side, lined it up with the bottom of the base cardstock & glued down the 1" scored edge.

I added this paper ruffle to hide the seam where I had glued it down.

and made sure to use fabric flowers in the center instead of paper because the fabric will fold when the flap is opened without damage to the flower or pulling off the layout.

All told, I was able to get 16 - 4"x6" and 2 - 2"x6" photos on this layout.

Not bad for 2 pages!

I was also super happy with supplies on this project.

I used 3 whole pieces of Kraft cardstock, some super-old CK rub-ons and 4 Spare Parts fabric flowers.  

Everything else (PP, paper flowers, photo corners, frames, etc.)  is left-overs from a page kit that I've had so long I don't even know who made it. 

I've got 2-3 journaling tags left and that's it for this kit-- I used the WHOLE THING!

(Is it wrong that I'm so proud of that??)

Alright kids-- I've got to go make snack for the monkeys.

I'll be back tomorrow to share another project!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love the flap with extra photos! Great idea.

  2. Love your solution!!! Great idea :)
    And the paper ruffle ribbon is a nice touch!

    And I always think about the days before air conditioning, too. No thanks!!

  3. Great idea with the flap to add extra pictures.

    Oh, and I'm quite familiar with the heat and a/c thing...I live in Arizona. :O

  4. great idea to add the flaps so that you could add more photos!


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