Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In The Life Day 4

Good morning bloggers!

Today is Day 4 of my Week In The Life Project

Thursday, July 24

 8:55 Time to get up

9:45 Head to our favorite diner, Bic's for breakfast

11:00 We say goodbye to Dad

11:20 Stop at the daycare to check on The Girls

12:00  Home Depot for house plants & a soaker hose

1:00 Wii Mario Kart

 Have I mentioned how much we suck at this game?
I think I died on almost every race!
But when your controller is hot pink, it's impossible for it not to be fun!

 Ed Dog wants to play too!

2:00 Eyes are driving me NUTS! 
Time to take the contacts out.

4:15 Heading outside to get the new plants into pots
 There was just no possible way for this picture to be even remotely flattering.....
but my Bromeliads are beautiful!

4:30 Steve puts out the soaker hoses
Ed Dog helps

5:30 Heading out to pick up food.
Is it really this hot again????

5:50 Dinner Time

7:00 Bauer Time!

and Pea-ing from my phone 

9:26 Bedtime.  Back to work tomorrow

Sundays are pretty slow days for us, but I'm happy with the pictures so far!

How is your WIL going?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week In The Life Day 3

Well kids, yesterday was my last day of photo-taking for this project.
Is it weird that I already miss it?

The good news is that I still have 5 days worth of photos to share with you.

Saturday, July 23

8:52 Man I love sleep-in days!
It is very very rare for Steve & I to get up at the same time. 
He's usually up hours before me on the weekends, so to wake up late & have him still be there is something to celebrate.

 9:20 Dad's still sleeping. 
Nyquil must be working.

10:00  Making WIL notes in my studio while Steve works in his office

10:40 Steve waters the foundation & chats with the neighbor

11:00 Head to the Post Office to pick up a birthday box from Mom

11:30 Donuts for breakfast! 

11:45 Dad helps me identify some old family photos
while Steve hooks up my birthday Wii!

12:40 Everybody showers & gets dressed
 I even put some make up on.

1:00 Head to Mesquite to see Steve's parents & pick up Ed Dog

1:40 Jason's Deli for lunch

3:15 Ice cream time!
 I walked away for 2 minutes. 
When I come back, the conversation has turned to eating bugs & testicles.  
HOW did this happen??????
I'm gonna close my ears & eat my ice cream.
LALALALALA. I can't hear you!!

4:00 Back at Steve's parents house. Ed Dog was waiting for us.

4:15 Hangin' with Steve's parents & spoilin' Ed Dog


6:00 Time to head home-- Steve goes to move the car to the back of the house.
 Ed Dog waits impatiently.

6:10 Group photo before we go!

6:15 In the car Ed Dog!

6:30 Heading Home

7:15 Home!

8:00 Dad chills with Ed Dog while Steve & I run to Target.
 Picking out Wii Games for my new Wii!!

9:00 Our first Wii game- Darts!

10:00 Steve kicks ass at Wii Hoop Shots

10:30 Dad kicks ass at Wii Beer Pong

12:00 I suck at Wii Bowling, but kick ass at Wii Dog Frisbee

12:10 Ed Dog is thoroughly unimpressed

12:15 Hooch is consumed, Orville Redenbacher is insulted

and I find myself jealous that our Mii's are on the beach and we aren't.

12:30 This is the way to spend a Saturday night

 1:00 A good time was had by all, 

 but now it's time for bed

 Nighty night!