Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life Day 2

Good morning Friends!

First, I wanted to say Thank You Thank You to everyone who sent me sweet birthday wishes.  
You guys make my heart sing!

As promised, I am back to share my Week In The Life Day 2 photos, and since I only have about 20 minutes before the monkeys will need to be fed, I'm going to get right to it!

Friday, July 22
6:03 Gotta get out of bed. Grumble, grumble, grumble

6:05-- Why is there sports TV on at 6am?  Am I being punished for something??

6:28 Leave for work-- it's 97*.  
That doesn't bode well for our temps today...

6:35 Gotta put gas in the car, wish it wasn't so flippin' expensive

6:42 Pickin' up donuts for a breakfast treat.  Birthdays are better when they last all weekend....

6:53 Kitty refuses to let me walk across the room to turn the alarm off.  
Gotta pick her up & carry her in order to get to the control panel on time...

7:00 Boot up computer & Facebook while I wait for kids to arrive
7:08 Kate arrives
7:10 Sa'Mya arrives
7:15 Grace arrives

8:00 Wende (Food Program Inspector Extraordinaire) arrives for a visit

8:15 Breakfast of donuts & chocolate milk with monkeys
8:25 Feed baby Gracie-- no vomiting involved

9:00 Put Project Life Photos in album while monkeys take their first nap.

9:17 Wonder why there's always so much crap on my desk???

9:45 Yard guys show.  Kids are fascinated/freaking out.

1:00 Cooper arrives
12:00 Popcorn for lunch
1:00 Turn sprinklers on

2:15 Flip through old scrappy idea books in search of new inspiration (and find some!)

3:00 Organize June Project Life Photos for printing

3:25 Remember that the sprinkler is still running.
Go turn it off.

3:30 Chill on couch watching Lipstick Jungle on Hulu with kitty till kiddos wake up.

5:10 Holy cow!  All kids are gone.  This never happens!

5:25 Hittin the bank on the way home.

5:35 Home!  Loving that this happened on a Friday while Dad was visiting!

6:00 Hangin' out with Dad, waiting for Steve to get home

6:45 Steve is home but not feeling well. (Scaring me a little, frankly) 
He & Dad lay down for a while in hopes that they'll both feel better & we can go out for dinner
(I take advantage of their in-attention to take pictures of them & play with photo apps on my phone)

8:00 Everyone is feeling better- time for dinner 

8:40 Yummies at Cotton Patch Cafe
(I forgot to take a picture of my actual dinner, but this is what I ordered, so I took a picture of the table display instead.)

10:30 Home- full & sleepy

10:53 What's on my nightstand tonight

Time for bed!  Night Everybody!

That was my day.  Not very exciting, but I LOVE that I have it documented.  

Today is my last day of taking WIL photos, but I'll keep posting till all 7 days are up!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. You have some amazing "day in the life" photos! And you are so busy :)

    I have both those scrap idea books :)

  2. Wow! If I did this it would look super boring! Such a neat idea!

  3. How Fun to get a snapshot of your life! You are definately busy! Thanks so much for sharing. Very Cool. -Amanda

  4. Love all of the photos- such a busy day!


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