Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Week In The Life

Hello bloggers!

With CHA in full swing this weekend, we've all got our minds on new products and all the latest tools.

And who wouldn't be excited??

One of the best things about scrapping is all of the way-cool toys.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new releases!!

With all the fun new goodies coming out, I think it's the perfect time to remind ourselves exactly why we started scrapping to begin with.

To tell our stories.

Today, I started my first Week In The Life Project.

You can get all the details here at  Ali Edwards Blog.

(Ali is starting her Week In The Life on Monday, and you can follow her day-by-day on her blog.
But since today is my 35th birthday and it's making me feel especially ancient, I decided that today was the best day to start mine. 
Scrapping is always a good distraction from the neurotic voices in my head.)

Make sure you check out her blog.

She's got some great advice for newbies and some fantastic printables.

I have my album all put together, so all I have to do is take the photos & write my notes!

Here is my album:
(Let me apologize now for the quality of the photos.   I took them at work, without a great light source and with way too much junk in the background & waaaay too many small people standing next to me screeching "CHEEEEEESE" at the top of their lungs.)

I think I'm going to have to Stickle the "J".  
It needs a little more girl, I think.

I followed Ali's 2008 album plan of an Intro To The Day page, a 2 sided baseball card page protector and a page for a photo collage.

The supplies were all stuff from my stash.  

I covered chipboard with patterned paper from a cute MAMBI summer stack that I picked up at GASC for $5.  

I use the baseball card page protectors to store small unmounted stamps in binders, so I snagged them out of the closet.  (You can find them at Office Depot.)

I used Creative Memories alpha stickers that I've had since 2006 for the days of the week titles & a Hero Arts stamp for the dates.

I picked up the journaling cards from a Designer Digitals link on Ali's blog & printed enough for the whole week.
(I actually bought 2 different sets of Ali's journaling cards & plan to mix & match them through the album. They are the only thing I bought for this album.)

Finally, I punched & bound the whole thing with my Bind It All.

Super-easy, afternoon project.
(If you actually have a whole afternoon to do it-- it took me 3 days because I was snatching a few minutes here & there while my daycare monkeys napped.)

So far, I've gotten some interesting photos:
*The clock, when I finally rolled out of bed this morning
*The temperature in my car as I was leaving for work
*The stubborn crepe myrtles in front of the daycare that refuse to die
*The so-not-healthy mac & cheese that I had for lunch
*My Facebook wall with birthday wishes from my friends <3 <3 <3
*Me, covered in gallons & gallons of baby vomit
*The huge mess on my desk
*The TV showing "Say Yes To The Dress" (my reality TV indulgence during naptime)
*Kitty laying in the middle of my pile of clean laundry

I'm going to try to get something at Zumba tonight.

We'll see!

I'll post some of my pics tomorrow!

Have a great day!

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  1. I love your album! So pretty and fun! And belated Happy Birthday!


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