Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week In The Life Day 3

Well kids, yesterday was my last day of photo-taking for this project.
Is it weird that I already miss it?

The good news is that I still have 5 days worth of photos to share with you.

Saturday, July 23

8:52 Man I love sleep-in days!
It is very very rare for Steve & I to get up at the same time. 
He's usually up hours before me on the weekends, so to wake up late & have him still be there is something to celebrate.

 9:20 Dad's still sleeping. 
Nyquil must be working.

10:00  Making WIL notes in my studio while Steve works in his office

10:40 Steve waters the foundation & chats with the neighbor

11:00 Head to the Post Office to pick up a birthday box from Mom

11:30 Donuts for breakfast! 

11:45 Dad helps me identify some old family photos
while Steve hooks up my birthday Wii!

12:40 Everybody showers & gets dressed
 I even put some make up on.

1:00 Head to Mesquite to see Steve's parents & pick up Ed Dog

1:40 Jason's Deli for lunch

3:15 Ice cream time!
 I walked away for 2 minutes. 
When I come back, the conversation has turned to eating bugs & testicles.  
HOW did this happen??????
I'm gonna close my ears & eat my ice cream.
LALALALALA. I can't hear you!!

4:00 Back at Steve's parents house. Ed Dog was waiting for us.

4:15 Hangin' with Steve's parents & spoilin' Ed Dog


6:00 Time to head home-- Steve goes to move the car to the back of the house.
 Ed Dog waits impatiently.

6:10 Group photo before we go!

6:15 In the car Ed Dog!

6:30 Heading Home

7:15 Home!

8:00 Dad chills with Ed Dog while Steve & I run to Target.
 Picking out Wii Games for my new Wii!!

9:00 Our first Wii game- Darts!

10:00 Steve kicks ass at Wii Hoop Shots

10:30 Dad kicks ass at Wii Beer Pong

12:00 I suck at Wii Bowling, but kick ass at Wii Dog Frisbee

12:10 Ed Dog is thoroughly unimpressed

12:15 Hooch is consumed, Orville Redenbacher is insulted

and I find myself jealous that our Mii's are on the beach and we aren't.

12:30 This is the way to spend a Saturday night

 1:00 A good time was had by all, 

 but now it's time for bed

 Nighty night!


  1. LOVED LOVED reading your happenings on this day. fun fun Wii games & beer, yay!

  2. What a great snapshot of the day!


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