Friday, February 3, 2012

52 Lists in 52 Weeks- Weeks 4&5

Hello my friends!

I'm so sorry that I was a total slacker last week & didn't get you a list.
My only excuse is that my parents were visiting from out of state

and things tend to get a little rowdy when we all get together.

To make it up to you, I've brought you not one, but TWO lists this week!
List #4 is
Things I Love About My Job

Can you guess what I do for a living??  LOL

List #5 is inspired by the great visit with my parents

Cool Things I Saw This Weekend

I hope that you guys are working on lists of your own!

If you are, I would love love love to see them-- post your link in the comments section!

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. I love all of your lists that you are making! They look great too!!

    I am passing on the Liebster award to you. Come check it out at my blog at:


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