Friday, February 24, 2012

52 Lists in 52 Weeks Week 7

Good morning bloggers!

I wanted to bring you another list today.

Week 7's list is a list of things that I have never done in my life.

Supplies: PP & Diecuts: Basic Grey, Craft Cardstock: Paper Studio

I started this list with kind of a negative feeling.

There were quite a few things on my "Never Done" list that I culled down to this one and I was feeling kind of bad about it.

But then I thought about it a little more and decided that this list more just a reminder of how much living I still have to do. 

By the time my life is over, I would like to have done all of these things.

Except the broken bone.

I can live without that one.

And the brussels sprouts.

You can keep those too.


  1. Fun list. Not to worry, I'm sure you'll get around toots of those and, really, brussel sprouts aren't so bad!

  2. I meant to add: great blog. I'm a new follower. :-)

  3. I love this layout AND your list! Sometimes waiting to do something makes it even more special when it finally happens, except the broken bone thingy! LOL Love Penny P.S. I'm a new follower and I'd be honored if you followed me a well.


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