Thursday, December 30, 2010

Project Life 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 

Ours was fabulous.  
We ate, we played games, we exchanged gifts, we laughed.  We had a ball.

 Steve even got me crafty-stuff for Christmas--- major boyfriend points for him!

I'm a little sad that it's over, but know that I have so much to look forward to.

The New Year is almost here and I just know it's gonna be a good one!

The only negative for me is knowing that 2011 is about to start
and I am only about half way through with my 2009 album!  


I get further behind every year, but the neurotic little organizer in my head 
that is ever-so-silent when it comes to washing dishes or cleaning my closet 
refuses to allow me to do anything other than a regular, chronological album each year.

Which is totally why I'm so far behind.

But this year is going to be better.  
This year, I'm going to get caught up & stay caught up.

"But how will you do this?" you ask.  
"Will you lock yourself in the house to scrap and doing nothing else for the next year?"

No- not so much.

First of all, I can't pay for the house if I never leave it to go to work.

And eventually, I will need to eat & shower & what-not.
Smelly, starving recluse does not = good scrapbook pages.

Besides, what will  I scrap if I never leave the house?

My answer this year comes from Becky Higgins.

She has this great album concept called Project Life that I'm so stealin'!
I'm totally diggin' the concept.

You can check out the link above for all of her official stuff, 
but here's my take on her project and how I plan to do it.

Every single day I'm going to take at least 1 photo of something that represents my day.
It could be anything.

Some people choose to use a year-long theme to make finding things to photograph a little easier.

I've been checking our various message boards & blogs to see what other people have done with this in the past and was really surprised to see the wide variety of themes that people have used.

I've seen:
Wedding Planning
Count-Down to a Baby's Birth
Baby's First Year
Weight Loss Journey
Home Remodeling

just to name a few.

I thought that was pretty cool, but for me
 I think that I already have too much going on in the next few months to narrow it down to just one theme.

So I plan on just doing life in general.

A photo per day of what's going on in my life that day.

"But aren't you then taking more photos?" you ask.
"Isn't that even MORE pages to create for a yearly album?"

Not at all.

That's the nice thing about this project. 
There are no layouts at all unless I want there to be.

All of the photos are printed at 4x6" size and slipped into divided page protectors
with pretty journaling cards to give a bit of info on why that was my Photo Of The Day (POTD).

Super simple!
Yearly album, with no stress involved!


She has these great kits available for purchase.
(Over there-- on the right is the turquoise one, there's an Amber colored one too)

But I just can't buy even ONE more scrappy thing right now.
Not even one.

You see, we're buying a new house
(That's right--new studio for me in the works!! Hurray!!)

And next week, I'm going to have to start packing all of my scrap supplies.
It's all got to go into boxes.

All the paper, 
and the stamps, 
and the paper, 
and the Cricut cartridges 
and the paper 
and the books 
and the paper.....

You get the idea.

And in just a few very short weeks, 
Steve will be paying for hernia-repair surgery for whatever poor, unwary mover that unwittingly  agrees to take us on.

I've already got a Get-Well card in the works for the poor soul.

So I just CAN'T buy anything else right now.

 But I've got lots and lots of things in my stash that I can turn into a DIY kit, right?

I love challenges!

Instead of doing a traditional, 12x12-scrap-every-page kind of yearly album
I'll be using an American Crafts D-Ring Album that I had bought about a year ago for another project and didn't end up using.

 Note to self: Make a cute card to fill that front frame with!!

and about 4-5 packs of divided page protectors left over from my '07  Christmas album.

 The album came with 10 regular 12x12 page protectors, so if I choose to add a couple of regular layouts here & there-- or at the end-- I'm covered.

From what I can see, Becky's kit comes with all kinds of fun journaling cards, quotes, number stickers, rolling date stamp, etc.  all of which I have in my stash.  

Of course, hers are all cute & coordinated and ready to go.

Mine are taking a bit more work, but I've got a good start on them.

I started by choosing a paper stack to work with.
I had a few to choose from.
(You can hear the sarcasm in there, right?)

I chose to use DCWVs Sweet  Stack because I thought there was enough color variety to carry me from season to season and because, for some unfathomable reason, I have 3 of them that have never even been opened. 


I chose 2 paper designs per month.
 (These are for April- I thought the design looked a little like Jelly Beans)

and cut them all down to 4x6" cards.

I'm storing each month's cards in a zip-top bag individually both while I'm working on them & after they're done. Then I will  store all of the zip-top bags, a rolling date stamp, a couple of Slick Writers & a couple of journaling pens all together in a Page Keeper.  

This way, everything is together & I only have 1 album & 1 Page Keeper to keep track of during the move.

 I planned out my journaling cards before I started working on them.
I made a list of every holiday & family event that I know of in the coming year.
That way I can make a specialty card for each event as well as several blank ones.

Here are some of my January cards:
 I spritzed a bit of my home-made Glimmer-Mist on the background here to make the swirl texture on the paper stand out a little more.

 (These cards are 4x6", the others are 3x4")
I've also decided to participate in Ali Edwards One Little Word project this year.

My word for this year is "Can".

No more "can't".  

This year I CAN!

I wanted to make sure that this is represented in my daily activities, 
so I made a couple of journaling cards per month with my word on them.

Here are some of February's Cards:

I'm tellin' ya.  
I have been having more fun making up these little cards than I have had in a long time.

I assembly-line cut all of the background papers & inked all the edges in front of the TV while watching Judge Judy & waiting for my lunch to cook.
(Did I really just admit to watching Judge Judy?? Oiy...)

I have been able to make use of a TON of left-over stuff too. 

Papers from seasonal mat stacks, 
holiday-themed stickers that were sooooo cute but will never make it onto a layout because they're toooo cute, 
quote stamps that I loved, but have never had the right place to use them, 
rub-ons that I only have 1-2 left of, 
all those $1 stamps that I adored, but are just too small to use on cards or layouts
The Designer's Calendar Cricut Cartridge that I had to have, but hmmm I don't make calendars.....  

This is the PERFECT place to finally make use of some of that stuff.  

I'll be posting a couple more months worth in a few days.

I certainly have to have to have them all done with in the next week or they might end up in a box somewhere.....



  1. I have been planning this for a few years now. I took a picture everyday (every day photo's such as a pile of laundry or 5 empty toliet paper rolls sitting by the bathroom sink) and I even had an ongoing journal. What stopped me was my perfectionism. I wanted just the perfect way to set this up. I should have just done it.

    Good for you for getting a head start on this.

  2. These are so cute!!! I think you did a great job AND you used up your stash FABULOUSLY!!! Have fun!

  3. I remember reading rave reviews about Becky Higgins when I tried to participate in a Project 365 Challenge for 2010; at It looks like a lot of fun and I'm digging the turquoise set. Have fun above all else!

  4. I adore your cards! They are beautiful! Good luck with your 365 day challenge! I look forward to seeing your results!

  5. Wow - all those pictures make ME want to scrap!!

  6. This is a great idea and would make going to crops such a breeze. Thanks for inspiring me.


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