Thursday, July 15, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood, on an out of the way street.  My neighbors all go to work, walk their dogs, play with their kids and do all of the normal stuff.   There isn't any crime (that I'm aware of), loud parties or excessive traffic.  But for some reason, despite how very close together our houses all are, Steve & I just don't know our neighbors very well.  Oh, there's a few that we make small talk with, and few more that we recognize and wave to as we walk by them during an evening stroll, but that's about the extent of our relationship.  I'm not really sure why this is.  

I suspect that I might be the resident Bad Guy.  
You see, for 2 1/2 years before Steve moved in, I ran an in-home daycare.  
I had as many as 8 children in and out of my front door from 7am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.  
And if that wasn't enough 2 of my daycare children (twin sisters to be exact) were Screamers. 

I saw you just shudder as you read the words.  I know you know what I'm talking about.

They screamed from the car to the door.  They screamed through snack, they screamed every second we were outside to play, they screamed at lunch time, they screamed during diaper changes, and they screamed from the door to the car.  And when the houses are only 16ft apart, the screaming carries.... 

No wonder my neighbors aren't speaking to me.
Despite the fact that the daycare has been closed for almost a year now, I don't really think that my neighbors have forgiven me yet.  

Can't really say as I blame them.

Anyway, the point is (YES! I do have a point!) that I just don't know most of my neighbors names, so to facilitate conversation between Steve & I, we have given the majority of our neighbors nicknames.  
(IE: "Did you see that Sisters got another dog?  I hope this one doesn't bark all the time like the other 2 do!"  or "Did you see the new fence that Construction Guy put up?")   
Most of them are goofy and wouldn't mean anything to anyone but us, but they make me laugh so I decided to make a layout of it.

Supplies:  Cardstock & PP: DCWV, Car Buttons: Favorite Findings, Heart Sticker: Sandylion Essentials, Brads: JoAnn Craft Essentials, Cricut Cartridges: Sesame Street Font, Lyrical Letters

First, let me say that, sadly, yes.  Our houses really are that close together.  
And yes, I did blur the nicknames of most of our neighbors  to protect their identities.  (I'm still tryin' to kiss up & make good with them remember.)

I also wanted to point out that those cute little house shapes-- 

take a minute, scroll back up & look at them.  I'll wait...




They're cute aren't they?  
They're on Lyrical Letters

I know!

I wouldn't have thought so either!  It's certainly NOT the first cartridge I would have look at in search of a house shape.  Not even in the top 10.
But I stumbled across the house while using Lyrical Letters for another project and thought it would be perfect for this layout.  Just goes to show how much there really is on a given cartridge.  I bought this one months ago for fonts and fonts only, really.  Today I discovered that there's a bunch of cute little shapes on it that would be great all on their own.  

(NOTE: The house- and most of the other cute images- is meant to be part of a larger phrase.  If you plan to use them on their own, without the phrase, make sure you chose the Real Dial Size feature to get accurate sizing)

 I really need to spend more time exploring some of my cartridges.  You just never know what you're going to find! 

So, do you want to be my neighbor??


  1. OK as I was reading this I thought you wre going to say that you made invites to a party for your neighbors or something...what a cool thing to do a LO about though...

  2. Jenne,
    This is so cute. I am the same waya about the neighbors names.
    Love it

  3. very cute! I thought at first you made each one for your neighbors! LOL!

  4. So clever! I run an inhome daycare... I wonder what my neighbors think of us?

  5. I love this page! Too funny, I've live in my house for almost 2 years and I just now have met 3 of my neighbors. I can relate! Oh and I have screamers too...only they're mine lol. Thanks for the smile! Please come by my blog and pick up a few awards I have for you

  6. Fun layout and I like your story behind it. TFS!!

  7. what a cute layout and ROTFLMBO at your neighbor dilemma! LOL

  8. We are the screaming house on our street and we live in a townhouse... I can relate we've been here 6 years and only know a few neighbors by their actual name (UPS guy, the party house, sportscar guy...) fun stuff!


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