Friday, July 23, 2010

Biker Girl

So today, I'm stuck crafting.  I know, torture isn't it? 
But when I say "stuck" I actually mean, well, stuck.  
You see, I have burned the crap out of the bottom of my feet.  While, in and of themselves, they are not horrible painful-Thanks be to Advil, what they are is blistered.  

I have blisters the size of North Dakota on the bottoms of both feet.  
Lovely aren't they?

There are additional blisters on the heels of both feet, but it is surprisingly difficult to take a decent picture of the heel of your own foot.  Maybe I need to start doing more yoga.  

So anyway... what all of this means is that I will not be leaving the house for the next day or so.  It's bad enough to have Steve laughing at my limping hobble as I attempt to get to the bathroom & back, I'm certainly not going to subject myself to the laughter of strangers or the stares of small children who will likely think that I'm the shorter, female version of Quasimoto. 

So I get to spend the next couple of days engaged in guilt-free crafting time, only occasionally interrupted by Steve as he brings me water & Doritos and valiantly attempts to contain his laughter.

Here's what I've accomplished so far. 

Supplies: Cardstock & PP: DCWV, Bike Sticker: Jolees, Letters: TLC, Chipboard Flower: Colorbok

And a card for Steve's cousin, who recently had a brand new baby boy.
Cardbase: Unknown, PP & Cardstock: DCWV, Cricut Cartridge: New Arrival, Ribbon: Wrights, Star Button: Dritz

So far, so good.  Maybe I'll "forget" how I did this and burn my feet more often, but only if you promise not to laugh as I hobble to the bathroom.


  1. OH! I'm so sorry for your poor feet! I've done that once and it was horrible! The good thing is, you made a wonderful layout! I have such a hard time with multiple photo LO's. I've been on a card streak lately and I really like your baby card! Thanks for sharing!


  2. My goodness! How did you burn the bottom of your feet? I adore your layout and the card. Both are fabulous!

  3. OUCH!! oh I hope you are better soon! Good luck with all your scrapbooking though!

  4. Yikes, those feet look painful - hope they get better soon. Your layout and card are great!!

  5. Love the Biker Girl LO! TFS! :-)

  6. OWWWIE!! That looks incredible painful!! A friend of mine went to the beach a few weeks ago when it was 100+ degrees and she ended up with huge blisters on the bottoms of her feet because the sand was so hot!! I hope they heal up quickly! And cute LO! :)

  7. Ow! Ow! Ow! That looks awful, I'm so sorry!
    On the bright side though, darling layout and I love the card!

  8. Hope your feet heal soon, at least something good came out of it...inspiration right?

  9. Go biker girl! Great layout hope your feet are feeling better!

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