Monday, July 5, 2010

Duck, Duck..... umm, Duck

Have you ever been out shopping and seen just the perfect thing for your home?  I mean, the perfect thing.  Cute, fun, totally your style kinda perfect?  But for whatever reason, you didn't buy it at the time.  It was too expensive or too big for your car or you just KNEW that you had a 50% off coupon at home somewhere.  

Yeah, I do that stupid crap too. 

Today's project is the result of such foolishness.  
We saw the duck poster.  We looked at the duck poster.  We talked about the duck poster.  The decision was made that the duck poster would be simply Perfect for our upstairs bathroom.  But for no logical reason that I can think of, we did not buy the duck poster.  And now, of course, the duck poster is nowhere to be found.  

Well, to heck with you, big-box-chain-store-that-teases-me-with-perfect-household-good-then-stops-carrying-them-before-I-have-a-chance-to-buy-them.  Who needs you??
I'll make my own damn ducks!

I started with fun papers & a Cricut Cartridge with the right image on it.

And this is the result!  I think they turned out waaay cuter than that dumb ole poster!


  1. I always do that. My reasoning is I could make that teehee.
    Cute duckies.

  2. REALLY cute!!! Perfect for a child's bathroom!!!


  3. I love your attitude and it turned out GREAT!!!!


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