Friday, July 9, 2010


Mom had her birthday a couple of days ago.  That can only mean one thing.  

MY birthday is only a few days away!! 

Now, I've already received all of my birthday gifts for this year and, believe me, I'm much more spoiled than I deserve to be.  But an upcoming birthday does get a girl to thinkin' about all the fun stuff that she really doesn't need, but really really really wants.

So I've put together  a little crafty wish-list for anyone who might still be debating sending me something for my birthday.

1)First and foremost-- Have you seen this???
image snagged from Theresa Collins Blog

Theresa Collins had come out with a stamp maker.  From what I understand, it's going to be released at CHA in Chicago this month.  But is this seriously not the coolest thing ever??  Make your own polymer stamps, from any image that you can print onto the transparency.  From what I've seen, it's going to retail around $169.99 with the polymer refills running about $1each.  (Don't quote me on that one.  I have no insider information, just what I've read online)
I CANNOT CANNOT wait to get my hands on one of these. 

2)An Epic Letter Press
image snagged from Lifestyle Crafts

This was a new release at CHA in January and I really want one.  I love the look and the texture that they create.  I've been doing way more card making lately and would soo love to add this to my arsenal of toys.   I know that my local Hobby Lobby carries them and every time I drive by the store, I can hear it calling my name, reminding me what good friends we will be....

3) A Cuttlebug
Image snagged from

If I'm going to get a Letter Press, then I'm going to have to finally cave in to technology and get some sort of  crank-operated die cutting system.  
I've resisted for sooo long, insisted instead on stubbornly using my old-school red Sizzix machine.  You remember those don't you?  They came out about a million years ago and you pull down on the metal arm to make it work.  Yeah, I'm still using it.  But I'm a Cricut Girl now. Anything that I die-cut gets done using 1 of my 2 Cricuts and 1 of the 86 cartridges that I've purchased.  (Yeah, you read that right, 2 machines, 2 jukeboxes, 2 sets of software and 86 cartridges.  But that's a whole different post.) I rarely use my old Sizzix dies and really only use the machine with my Cuttlebug embossing folders.  Alas, the Letterpress is too wide for the old Sizzix.  Ah well, guess it's time to give in. I chose the Cuttlebug because, when not in use, it has the smallest footprint.  My room is so crowded with stuff that I need something that takes up as little space as possible, if I have to have one.   
I console myself by insisting that I will only accept a pretty PINK one.   

4) Nellie Snellen Punches
image snagged from 7kidscollegefund 

I know what you're thinking.  
Really Jenne?  Like you need any more punches?  Are you kidding us?  Really?  
But these are too cool.  They are the most Prima-like looking punches I've seen yet.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Primas and will never ever stop buying them.  But sometimes I just don't have quite the right color, or I don't have enough of the right color, or whatever.  I would love to have some sort of option for the occasions that this happens and I think these would totally take care of it!

5) Mega Mounts

image snagged from Impression Obsession

How cool is that? A HUGE 6x6 stamp mount for those big background stamps.  I tried these out at a make & take done at the Stamp, Scrap Art Tour in Mesquite TX this past January and they super easy to use.  They're a little pricey (which is why I didn't buy one at the time) but they're sooo easy to use and you get such a good impression with them, that I think it would be worth the cost for one.   

Ok, my birthday is on the 21st and I'd be happy to make my mailing address available for anyone who would like to send me one of these things as a birthday gift!  


Well, it was worth a shot.  
But hey, there's always Christmas right?

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  1. Wow, that is quite a wishlist and I hope you get everything.
    I love that stamp maker machine. That is definatly on my list too


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