Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prima Possabilities

Good morning!

As promised, I wanted to show you the projects that I made in my GASC classes this weekend.

The first class I took was "Prima Possibilities"

Of the 3 I took, this was my least favorite.
Not to say that it was bad, but it definitely wasn't my favorite.

Rebecca was really very very nice, but the whole thing seemed very disorganized, especially coming from a big company like Prima.

The supply lists for the Prima classes got switched, so no one in my class brought the paint brush that we were supposed to have.
She did have some donated from the other class, but there were a lot of people waiting around for a turn with a paint brush.

There was also an issue with the book pages that they were supposed to supply with our class kit. 
Evidently they didn't bring enough books to tear up.
Someone was supposed to be out buying more books & paint brushes for us to use in class, but they never did show up.

I got lucky enough to receive mine, being that I was sitting up in the front of the room, but there were several people in the back that were told to go home & print out their own.

There were also issues with the written instructions that we received.
Many people were missing a whole page and/or chunks of the text didn't print.
The missing pages did get handed out, but they were cheap b&w photo copies of a colored print out, so they were a little hard to see.

And there was no earthly way that we could get even a portion of this project done in class.  
I got 2 pages done.  
Just 2.
The rest had to be finished at home on my own.

So that all kind of turned me off.

I also didn't feel like there was a ton of actual instruction. 

The first technique with the Gesso & Glimmer Mist was a nifty one (I'll explain it further down) , but I felt like it's the only thing I really learned the whole class.  
The rest was just "put this embellishment here just like it shows in your instructions".

So, all in all, not the greatest class and not one I think I would repeat.

That being said, the amount of product that we went home with was well worth the price of the class.

This is the class kit

As you can see-- tons of pretty-ness!

We took the raw chipboard book & painted the front cover, back cover & punched sides with Gesso. 

Once the Gesso was dry, we spritzed all the painted surfaces with Glimmer Mist (Black Cherry, in case you were wondering) and blended them together with the still-damp Gesso brush.

LOVE the mottled effect.

Once those were dry,  we covered the naked chipboard with paper, distressed the edges with brown ink  & decorated!

Here's the finished album
(Well, I say finished, because all of the pages are finished.  The binding is not done yet)
 Front Cover
 Inside Front Cover
This was supposed to have had the Gesso/Glimmer Mist treatment, but by the time I realized my mistake, I had already passed my paintbrush on to someone else and didn't feel that it was worth waiting to get another one.  I just used a leftover piece of PP on it instead.

 Inside Rear Cover
Rear Cover

We were given length of lace to bind the book with, but given how fat the finished project ended up, it's not enough.
I'll have to hunt through my stash to find something else that will work.

Almost all of the supplies used were provided in class.
The only ones that I used from home were just a few large colored flowers.
The only large flowers that were in our kit were white.
Presumably, we were supposed to color them with the Glimmer Mist, but there wasn't time in class.
I did this with a few of the large white flowers, but I already had some large Primas in the right colors, so I subed in a few of those.

While I wasn't entirely thrilled with the actual class, I did get a beautiful project and lots of left-over goodies out of it, so I'm pretty well pleased with it.

Check back tomorrow for another GASC class project!

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  1. What a really cool mini! Thanks so much for sharing! I would have never thought of pairing gesso and glimmer mist. I really love the look!


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