Monday, June 13, 2011

Perspectives by Ali Edwards

*Yawn* grumble, grumble grumble *Yawn*

Good Morning.

Ya know, mostly.

Does anyone else think that Monday mornings should just be canceled for the rest of the summer?

Especially on the Monday after the 

(A little woot woot for Dallas in there!)

Anyway... I dragged my oh-so-tired self out of bed to share my third and most favorite GASC class with you.

My last class on Saturday was Perspectives by Ali Edwards.

I personally love Ali Edwards.

Ok, so maybe not her personaly, cuz I've never  met her or anything, but I love her style & her approach to scrapping. 

The class was taught by Teri from Technique Tuesday.

Poor Teri.  

Our class was not the most responsive group.

I think everyone had just had lunch & was in  partial food coma.

But she really was excellent and super super nice.

The layouts that we did in class were very simple and totally created from PP, Cardstock & stamps.

The simplicity of them is fabulous and they are the only class project that I actually finished IN class.

The thing I love the most, though is the concept.

The 4 pages are:
I Am                             You Are

I Love                                     You Love

Here are a few closer ups

The titles are stamped on, so they could have been whatever we wanted.

We came away from class with 4 finished pages, the sketches that go with them, a small stamp set, lots of journaling cards and enough left over paper to make 2-3 more layouts.

The concept is to make a simple page using your stamps & the journaling blocks that come with the paper pack to document you & someone you love RIGHT NOW.  

I love the idea.

I also love that I ended up with a project that I can USE.  

The pages are kid-friendly, but not so cute-sy that I can't use them.

I've decided that these are a perfect addition to my on-going Project Life.

At the Technique Tuesday booth, I picked up 2 more matching paper packs 

and a coordinating set of stamps

I'm going to do a page each for Steve & I from these.

Since I'm the one making the pages, they will be from my Perspective (pun intended) with all of the "I" pages being about me, and all of the "You" pages being about him.

Not being a scrapper, he was unenthusiastic when I told him that he was part of this, but I think the idea that I might claim that he loves things like Bridezillas made him a little nervous, so he agreed to participate.  

(Kidding, he agreed to participate without me having to resort to blackmail.)

I plan to print lots to wallet size photos to illustrate the layouts with.

I'll make sure to upload pix when I get them done!

So, what are your current scrappy projects??

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  1. Looks like fun! I don't take many classes anymore but I do love the projects that you take home and actually put in your album. :) That is a fun stamp set. I need to look for it!


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