Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Life 2011-Week 3 POTD

Are you all frozen??

According to all of my Facebook Friends it is around 20* BELOW 0 in my hometown.


All I can say is:

I'm sorry- that sucks!

Be careful & stay warm.

This is why I live in Texas now!

Here are this week's POTD
(I love sharing these with you- totally keeps me accountable to keep taking them!)


Steve made me his fabulous Sausage & Potato soup for dinner- one of my favorites!
I have a dream...

of living into my 80's (or more!) like my Gram.  

Which is why I put these on & went walking, even though I really didn't feel like it.

I received an email from Uncle Johann about Aunt Mariette's surgery & prognosis.
I made her this card so that she will know that her family in the US cares about her and is thinking happy thoughts for her quick recovery.

I spent an hour or so today taking pictures of the house so that we will always remember what the first home we shared looked like.
Time for some hot tea.

I made some fresh, homemade bread today.
Yummy yummy yummy

A visit to Lowe's to pick up blinds, light bulbs & a shower curtain rod after our final walk-through of the new house!  We're in the home stretch!!

We close tomorrow!  Whoohooo!

We'll let you know how it goes next week!

Stay tuned for crafty-ness tomorrow!

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