Monday, January 17, 2011

Project Life 2011-Week 2 POTD


What a crazy, busy week it has been.

But we're 1 week closer to having our house!

I can't wait!!!! 

And I've gotten lots of super-fun DT  & blog-hop projects finished. 

I can't wait for you to see them!

But not today-- today is POTD day.

Here are this week's photos:

IHOP for breakfast. 
SOOO not on the diet, but oh well.  
IHOP pancakes are worth a few more sit-ups.

Snowy day in Dallas.
Not something that happens very often, 
so I just had to have a picture of the new house, all covered in snow.

 This was not quite the picture I had planned.
I've been doing most of the cooking around our house for the last several months, 
but once in a while, I can talk Steve into making me something special.  
Today, he made his famous meatloaf for dinner. 
As this is one of my favorite meals, I had planned on taking a picture of it as my POTD.
But when the time came to eat, I was so hungry & it smelled soooooooo good, 
that I forgot.
Oh, well.
The empty plate probably gets the point across better anyway.

 19*F outside. 
Gotta start my day with something warm....

 Still super-cold outside (for Texas anyway)
Even Claire-Cat needs a blankie to keep warm.

 Clean My Desk Day.
It certainly needs it.
Maybe I need to have this day more often...

 Stamp, Scrap Art Tour Make & Take Night.
Something I do with The Posse every year.  
We spend a couple of hours making pretty stuff & driving Ted crazy, 
then head to one of the local restaurants to eat junk food, drink margaritas & traumatize  young waiters with totally inappropriate conversation. 
One of my favorite events of the year!

Stamp Scrap Art Tour.
An entire day of demos & shopping for stamp & scrap supplies.  
What could be better?

Like I said, it was a crazy busy week, but a good one.  
I'm still loving taking photos every day. 
And I love coming here on Mondays to share them with you.

I've got some great projects to show you this week.

Stay tuned!!


  1. Looks like you had a great week. A day of scrapping and stamping demos does sound fun. :)


  2. Sounds like a fun filled week to me.
    Love all your photo's


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