Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Life 2011-Week 1 POTD

One week down!  

How did you do?

So far, I'm LOVING having an excuse to take pictures every day.

Steve, while handsome & photogenic, hates having his picture taken & generally gives me  a pretty hard time about it.  
(Picture in your mind:  photo after photo of his middle finger)

Since I've started this project, he's been much more tolerant- even going so far as to make suggestions for that day's photo.

That makes Becky Higgins my bestest new friend!

Here are this week's photos:

Spent the day laying on the couch watching LOST & recovering from the wonderful time we had the night before!

We took Steve's parents to see the new house that we're buying.
I was invited to join the SrapFit Design Team for Feb-July.  
I'm VERY excited about this.  
Joining a design team was one of my Before-I-Turn-35 goals.
I'll be posting photos of my projects & links to the blog when they go up!

Baker Pillow Sandwich
This is what I wake up to each morning.  
Steve leaves very early, so he makes sure that my Guard Dog is on hand to protect me until I get up.
(Are you starting to see why I love him so much?)

I spent the day linking all of my Cricut cartridges to  new Gypsy!

I filled out the application & all of the other paperwork to re-open my daycare after the move!

A day spent in my craft room, working on projects for the design team.  
Can you see why I need a bigger room?

Here they are in the album. 
I love how easy this has been!
1 week and I'm already further ahead than I was!

So that's it!  

One week done.
I'll be posting my POTDs each Monday.
I'd love to see links to yours!

Enjoy your projects!


  1. You are off to a great start. Had to laugh at the finger comment. :) But the guard dog is so sweet! Can't wait to see more of your album.

  2. Wow that is progress. I am doing PL as well, but mine will be a 1 or 2-page layout per month. The POTD will just not happen for me.

  3. I didn't do this, but you are doing a terrific job of keeping up with yours! Wow!


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