Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Days of Our Drama

Hello Friends!!  How have you been?  I've missed you this week!  

This week has been crazy here in TX.  If you've been watching the weather reports, you know that it has OVER 100 degrees here all week long.  I think even my toenails are sweating now.  

Maybe it's due to the heat, but everyone in my house has been a bit on edge this week.  

Pretty Pink Camera and Laptop are normally a cute, happy couple.  

Not so this week.  

No one is really sure exactly what happened.  (He has lots to say, but none of it makes any sense and She's not talking at all.)  

All we know is that a few days ago, she refused to hook up with him.  We tried & tried to get them together, but she flatly refused the connection.  She wouldn't even allow him to see the pictures.

After 3 days of this, He & I had a long talk.  Everyone took some time off to recharge.  And thankfully, this morning, a normal relationship was re-established.  

I'm not really sure what he did to tick her off so badly, and I doubt I ever will.  All I can do is hope that he doesn't do it again. 

While I've been playing Dr. Phil to the semi-happy couple, little to no scrapping has been done.

Instead, I've been dealing with this.
2800 so far and more on the way.

We hope.  
As long as Camera & Laptop can keep talking.


  1. I had to lol at your story, but I do feel your pain. I've been through my fair share of computer issues this year.
    My goodness that's a lot of photos!

  2. First time to visit your blog but love your sense of humor! My children and grandchildren all live in Carrollton but I'm (boo hoo!) about 5,000 miles away.

  3. I love how you journal! This post was too cute!


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