Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baker City Mike's Big Ride

Last August, my family went through a very tough time.  On August 19, my cousin passed away very unexpectedly. When my father called his older brother Mike to tell him the news, Mike told him that he felt that he was likely next.  They had a conversation about what Mike wanted when the time came.  It was decided that his ashes would be returned to our home town of Watertown, NY so that he would  rest at home, with the family.  He told my Dad "I gave you your first ride on a Harley, I want you to give me my last."    He died just 4 days later.  

Respectful of Mike's wishes, he is being returned home.  At 6am, West Coast time, the Big Ride begins.  Dad, along with a few old friends from home, will be leaving LA to take a cross-country route that will include Route 50, the last 2 lane coast to coast highway in the country.  Along the way, they will be making webcasts to send out to let us know of their progress.  You can see them here http://www.steveweedproductions.com/

My contribution to the trip was a small album that I put together for Dad to fill with pictures of Mike.  When people asked questions along the way, he wanted to be able to show them photos of Mike and explain what they were doing.  

 I left the pages empty because I knew that Dad had very specific thoughts as to which pictures he wanted to use and I wasn't sure that I had them all.

When I spoke to Dad this morning, he was in high spirits and ready to go.  I'm know how important this is to him and I'm thankful that he's able to do it.  I'm thankful that he was such amazing friends who love him so much that they shipped their own motorcycles from NY to Los Angeles  so that he wouldn't be making this trip alone.  And mostly, I'm thankful to be part of such a wonderful family, who love each other so much.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and hope that you will keep watching the website.  Dad will be thrilled to watch the ticker climb, with each hit to the site.  

Have a safe trip Dad! I love you!


  1. So touching.
    Your album is very nice (in a manly way).
    I am sure he would have loved it.

  2. My heart goes out with your family. It is great that your dad is able to do this, it will give him closure fulfilling this last wish.
    Nice job on the album, very appropriate.


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