Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cup Holder

I can't really take credit for this one.  This one was a gift from my friend Mary, who is also the sewing instructor at my store.  She is a great one for coming up with cute, practical projects.  This one is her most recent, given to me on Teacher Appreciation Day.

Isn't that cute??  I love it! It is just your basic coffee mug, but she's stitched this cute cover for it that has pockets, pockets & more pockets all the way around the outside & the inside.

Being just the size of a coffee mug, it doesn't take up much desk space and now all of my most-used tools are all together in one spot and super easy to find. Best of all, the cover is held on with Velcro, so in a few weeks, when it's covered in dust & paper scraps & cat hair, I can just toss it in the wash! Brilliant!  

So a HUGE thank you to Miss Mary for her thoughtfulness and for helping me along my way in my quest to get the craft room organized.  

Hope you all have a wonderful crafty day!!

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  1. That is so cute. Maybe Miss Mary could show you how to make it. Then you can show me :)


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