Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I don't know about you, but lately my craft room is a wreck!  Wayyyyy too much stuff crammed into wayyy too small of a space.  A problem that plagues most crafters, I think.  So I've decided that it's time to do a little Spring Cleaning.

As much as I would love to simply empty out the room & start from scratch, that's not a possibility for me.  I only have a little time here & there to work on it and really, where on earth would  I put it all while I was working on it??  So instead, I'm going to start in 1 corner & work my way around a little at a time. 

I'm getting myself started with a label maker.  I have one of those old school ones that you squeeze to create the words, but I find that the labels don't stick to my plastic organizers very well.  They fall off with annoying regularity and I often find them stuck to my poor kitty, who, being the world's most nervous animal to begin with,  is less than thrilled with the removal process.  I think a digital label maker with a more flexible tape will be a much better option.  The best part is that I found this cute little Brother P-Touch at Office Depot  yesterday ( www.officedepot.com )  on sale for just $10! 

(Look! It's even a cute Cricut green!)

I've made a good start on the first corner.  I cleaned out all of the organizer drawers.  Dumped out the dust, sorted things out and labeled them accordingly. 

I also took some time to label some sorted photos.  I love these Iris photo organizers (available here:  http://www.amazon.com/jbr2028-Iris-R-Photo-Keeper/dp/B000VFDZWO )  When ever I order photos to be printed, I sort them into these boxes.  Now I can add labels to the top of each case, so I know what's inside them without having to dig through each one for the photos I want.

Tomorrow I'm off from work, so I plan on cleaning out the large Iris Carts under these ones.  I'll let you know how it goes!

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful sun-shiney day!

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  1. I have those same containers, I really like them. I love my lable maker. They do stick nicely to those containers.
    Good luck on organizing.


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