Monday, April 1, 2013

Project Life Prompts- April 2013

Happy April Fellow PL-ers!!

I hope your albums are coming along!

I'm taking many many many more photos these days, but spending even less time in my studio doing anything with them.  

This guy might have something to do with it. 

Straight to business this month!!

52 Lists in 52 Weeks:
  • Things I Love About Spring
  • Things I Dream of Doing When My Day Turns Sour
  • Things To Do On a Rainy Day
  • My Favorite 80s Song List
  • Things I Could Eat All Day, Every Day
  • Some Things Are Better When They're Tiny

One Little Word:
 This month I have a business that I can't really run, construction that has torn up my driveway & forces me to listen to large machinery breaking up concrete for hours at a time, 2 ticked-off cats, 2 insane seven-month old puppies, hundreds of house guests, a fiance that's never in his life held a baby,  a nursing newborn and an incision that prevents me from being able to put my own socks on.  

I have decided that I need a large, visual reminder of my word if I am to survive.

So this month, I am working on  a 12x12 layout that I will frame and hang in the hall outside my studio with my word on it. Later on, I will add it to my album, but right now I need to see it.  

At this point, I have no idea at all what it will look like, but it really doesn't matter.  It just needs to remind me to Breathe. 

Project Life:

Monthly Ideas:
  • National Car Care Month:  Document everything about your car this month.  You can start with the basics-- make, model, mileage, that kind of thing.  But also, get pics of oil changes, car washes, the interior-- is it neat as a pin, or a total mess?  
  • National Garden Month:  April is the perfect time to start documenting your garden.  Tilling, weeding, planting, all kinds of fun stuff goes on.  Make sure to get pics of yourself in the process too.  Don't forget all those little details- your dirty gloves, mud on your boots, the big, floppy hat you wear to keep the sun off your face, etc.
  • National Humor Month:  Get  photos or screen shots of all the things that make you laugh this month.  My Facebook friends tend to post lots of MeMes that make me laugh, so I'll be saving some of those to use too.
  • Couple Appreciation Month:  I see 2 ways to approach this one.  1) Spend the month documenting the other couples that you & SO spend time with.  Who are they?  How do you know them? What sorts of things do you do together as couples?    2) Document all of the things you & your SO do to stay connected as a couple.  Does he make your first cup of coffee for you in the morning?  Do you lay out his shirt & tie in the morning?  Do you text or email each other during the day?  Do you chat on your lunch hour?  
  • Yellow:  Look for all things yellow in your environment this month

 Other Monthly Themes to Consider:
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month
  •  Defeat Diabetes Month
  • Grilled Cheese Month
  • Global Child Nutrition Month
  • Home Improvement Month
  • Celebrate Diversity Month
  • International Twit Month
  • Month of the Young Child
  • National Card  & Letter Writing Month
  • National Decorating Month

Weekly Themes:
  • Explore Your Career Options Week:  Even if you are totally content with your job, it never hurts to think about your options.  What other careers could you go to if you had to?  What would you want to do if you could do anything?  
  • Hate Week:  Face it.  We all hate things.  Use this week to get it all off of your chest.  Get pics of stuff that you just flat out don't like.  
  • National Volunteer Week:  How do you volunteer your time?  Make sure to get lots of photos & make notes about why you choose to help out the way you do.
  • Preservation Week:  What are you preserving?  Memories?  Heirlooms? Fruit?  Document it!
  • Sky Awareness Week:  I'm going to take a photo of the sky over our backyard every morning this week at 8am.  I think it will make a neat layout to see how it looks from day to day.  It would be fun to do a night-time version of this too if you have a tripod & camera with a delayed shutter option. 

Other Weekly Themes To Consider:
  • Golden Rule Week
  • International Pooper-Scooper Week
  • Laugh At Work Week
  • National Window Safety Week
  • National Library Week
  • National Animal Control Appreciation Week
  • National Park Week
  • National Karaoke Week
  • Money Smart Week
  • National Playground Safety Week
  • Safe Kids Week
  • National Pie Championships

Daily Ideas:
 Apr 1: Tater Day-- your favorite way to make spuds
Apr 2:National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day-- What is your favorite sandwich?
Apr 3: Find a Rainbow Day-- If there isn't a physical one in the sky above you, find a philosophical rainbow in your day
Apr 4: National Walking-- take a photo while out on your daily walk today, even if it's your feet on the move
Apr 5: National Deep Dish Pizza Day-- Where do you order pizza from?  Why do you pick them over someone else?
Apr 6: International Pillow Fight Day- Do your kids have pillow fights?  Do you & SO fight over the pillows at night?  I listen to the pups fight over theirs all night long, so that's going in the album today!
Apr 7: National Beer Day-- Document your favorite brew! Is it local or something more exotic? Do you make your own? 
Apr 8: No Housework Day-- This is a holiday I can be on board with!  If you took all of the time today that you would normally be doing housework & spent it doing something fun, what would it be? Or maybe, this is a time to document your housekeeping routine.  
Apr 9: National Cherish an Antique Day-- Are you a collector? Or do you just have a family heirloom or 2?  Document what you have, where it came from & why you love it.
Apr10:  National Sibling Day-- Get a photo of you & your sibling(s) today.  If they live far away, you could make notes about how you keep in touch with them (maybe grab a screen-shot of an email or Skype).  
Apr 11:  One Day Without Shoes Day-- Celebrate your sense of touch today.  Where did your feet goes without shoes?  What do you love about being barefoot?  OR do you just hate everything about it? 
Apr 12: Walk On Your Wild Side Day-- How do you demonstrate your wild side?  Fashion?  Hairstyles? Tattoos? 
Apr 13: Scrabble Day-- Do you play Scrabble or Words With Friends?  Document who you play & why.
Apr 14: Dictionary Day-- Pick a word that defines you today & use it as your POTD
Apr 15: Tax Pay Day-- Did you get your taxes filed?  Tuck your receipt into your album.  I think it would be fascinating to read 10 years from now!
Apr 16: National Stress Awareness Day-- What stresses you out &what do you do about it?
Apr 17: Blah! Blah! Blah! Day-- Who do you know that just talks all the time?  Is it you? A friend? Your child?  Get a pic of that person today.
Apr 18: National Wear Your PJs to Work Day-- Make sure to take pics!  How fun!
Apr 19: National Hanging Out Day-- Where do you like to hang out?
Apr 20: Husband Appreciation Day-- Document some things that you do to show your hubby that you appreciate him.
Apr 21: National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day-- Yummy!  I'm  going to make some today in celebration.
Apr 22:  Earth Day-- Do you recycle?  Do you drive a hybrid?  Use solar power?  Document your efforts to help protect our planet.
Apr 23:  Movie Theater Day-- If you can't get to a movie today, you could make a list of the ones you want to see.
Apr 24: Take a photo through the windshield of your car today. (Please don't do this while the car is in motion.)  What sights do you see?
Apr 25: Take Our Sons & Daughters To Work Day-- If you have kids, ask them what they think you do for a living.  The answers might surprise you.
Apr 26: Arbor Day-- Take some pictures of your favorite local tree-filled space today.
Apr 27: Babe Ruth Day-- Baseball Season is in full swing!  Who does your family root for?
Apr 28:  Sense of Smell Day-- Get some photos that represent your favorite scents today. 
Apr 29:  Pin Hole Photography Day-- I thought this would be a fun experiment!  What cool photos can you take today using this technique?
Apr 30: Bugs Bunny Day--  Did you watch Bugs as a kid?  If not, what cartoons did you watch?  Today is a good opportunity to document a piece of your childhood.

**This is your friendly monthly reminder to back up those photos!!!**

I hope you all have a wonderful month!!

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