Friday, March 1, 2013

Project Life Prompts- March 2013

Good morning crafters!!

2 months down!
How are you doing?

I hope you are continuing on.

I am finally getting it together.
I finished 2012 this month & got started on 2013.

I also got Lil Man's PL album started.
As of today, he is not here yet, but his album is ready to go when he makes his appearance.
And his Daddy is living with my crazy hormones & threats of death, dismemberment & sleeping in the garage until he's old and grey if he doesn't take gobs of pictures at the hospital.
(I'll let you know how that one goes!)

Here are some ideas for March
52 Lists in 52 Weeks:
  • Things I Collect
  • Books on my "To Read" List
  • Things That Make Me Crazy
  • Movie Families I Would Be Happy to be Part Of
  • Today I Will... 

 One Little Word:
 This month I plan on making a technique-filled, photo-less layout with song lyrics that contain my word.  Choosing a song was super-easy for me.  Lil E is due to be born this month and he has a song that Steve & I think of as "E's Song".  My word is in the title & lyrics.  Not something that I planned at all.  In fact, I hadn't even thought of it until just a couple of days ago when Steve noticed that I had added a new charm with this year's word to my necklace.  He asked me why I chose "Breathe" & after I explained it to him, he mentioned that this is also the name of E's song.  That's when the idea hit me to make this page with the song lyrics.   Think ATC on a larger scale.  Not something I do....ever really, so it should be a fun way to exercise my creativity & think outside the box. 

Project Life:

Monthly Themes:
  • National Craft Month:  I think this would be a super-fun monthly theme.  Just photograph anything crafty that you do this month.  For me, this would be motivation to finish up a ton of little projects that I've been wanting to do & haven't gotten around to. 
  • Green:  March is a great time to start looking for green!  Spring is on the way, the weather is warming up, things are starting to bloom.  I love spring!
  • Three: Look for  triplets in the world around you.  We have 3 cars, 3 baby strollers (for one baby!), and 3 bicycles in our garage.  That's a good start on 3's.  I bet they're everywhere if you start looking!
  • International Expect Success Month:  Document everything you do that is a success this month-- and the things that aren't.  Maybe you will find patterns that can help improve your successes.  You never know what you might notice about yourself.
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month:  Document ALL of the caffeine that you consume this month.  Is it a lot or just a little bit?  I never even gave caffeine a thought until I became pregnant & I have definitely noticed a change in how I feel now that I only consume just a small amount.  Maybe you will too.
Other monthly themes to consider:
  • American Red Cross Month
  • Child Life Month
  • Music In Our Schools Month
  • National Color Therapy Month
  • Ethics Awareness month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Women's History Month
  • Optimism Month
  • Sing With Your Child Month
  • Youth Art Month

Weekly Themes:
  • Write a Letter of Appreciation Week:  I can think of lots of people (some living, some not) that I could write letters to.  How about you?
  • Celebrate Your Name Week:  Notice (and photograph!) all of the places that you see your name. First name, last name, doesn't matter.  Just notice how often it pops up around you. There's a pizza place here in town that has my first name & a collector's shop that currently carries an autographed poster of a football player that shares my last name, so that's where I'll be starting!
  • Act Happy Week:  Photograph all of the happy faces you can find.
  • American Chocolate Week: Photograph all of the chocolate in your life this week.  With all of the Easter candy floating around right now, it shouldn't be hard to find.  And after 12 weeks of refraining due to Gestational Diabetes, I am SOOOO looking forward to indulging a little! (For the sake of my PL, of course!)
  • National Cleaning Week:  Document your weekly cleaning schedule, the products you use, etc.   I love to include basic, daily life things like this in my albums. I love to see this kind of thing from my Mother's & Grandmother's era,   because they are things that change the fastest.  Products change.  Technology changes. The way we live changes.  And I find it fascinating.  Even in my lifetime, how different these basic routines are, so I like to get them in my albums for the sake of posterity.   Maybe when I'm 80 I can show these pictures to my grand kids & tell them what life was like when I was younger.
 Other Weekly Themes to consider:
  • National Ghostwriters Week
  • National Cheer-leading Week
  • Festival of Owls Week
  • National Procrastination Week
  • National Words Matter Week
  • Read an E-Book Week
  • Women in Construction Week
  • Teen Tech Week
  • National School Breakfast Week
  • American Crossword Puzzle Week
  • Wildlife Week
  • Yoyo & Skill Toys Week

Daily Ideas:
Mar 1: World Compliment Day-- who do you know who could use a compliment?
Mar 2: Dress In Blue Day-- self portrait time!
Mar 3: What if Cats & Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day-- what kind of shenanigans do you suppose your furry family members would get up to?
Mar 4: Daughters & Sons Day-- get pics of your little (or not so little) monkeys
Mar 5: Fun Facts About Names Day-- No photo necessary today!  Document the meaning of your name & the names of  your family
Mar 6:  Namesake Day-- write the story of who YOU are named for
Mar 7: Cereal Day-- get a pic of the stock of cereal in your pantry.  What are your family's favs?
Mar 8: International Working Women's Day-- get a picture of what you do for a living
Mar 9: Panic Day-- get pics of your Doomsday Preparations (or lack thereof.  We have 2 gallons of water in the garage and a first aid kit.  If the Zombies come tomorrow, we're screwed.  Maybe we should work on that!)
Mar 10: US Paper Money Day-- Get a photo of how much cash you have on you right now.  No cheating & going to the bank the day before!
Mar 11: World Napping Day-- take a nap.  It's OK. You have my permission.  Make someone else take a pic of you while you do it.
Mar 12: Organize Your Home Office Day-- well, this one's pretty self-explanatory huh?  Make sure to photograph your efforts.
Mar 13:  National Agriculture Day-- Get a photo of the current state of your garden or yard or maybe your plans for planting this year.
Mar 14: Potato Chip Day-- Document your family favorites & the size of your stash
Mar 15:  Companies That Care Day-- Photograph or screen-capture the logos of companies that you buy from or places you shop because you agree with their morals. Make sure to journal WHY you use them.
Mar 16: National Quilting Day-- Get photos of your current project.  If you aren't a quilter, maybe you have a hand-me down or gifted quilt that you can document.
Mar 17:  St. Patrick's Day!-- This one is huge for me.  My family are Irish, and St. Pat's is one of my most favorite holidays!!  And it will be Lil E's first FIRST holiday!  I can't wait to dress him in his little shamrock sleeper!  Get a self-portrait in your green!
Mar 17: International Sports Car Racing Day-- document your racing team or favorite race car
Mar 18:  Forgive Mom & Dad Day-- what torture have you inflicted on your kids that you could ask forgiveness for?
Mar 19:  National Chocolate Carmel Day-- Today you must eat chocolate or caramel.  I know it's tough, but try to remember that you're making this sacrifice for the sake of art.
Mar 20: Won't You Be My Neighbor Day-- Document your relationship with your neighbors.
Mar 21: Spring Fairy Fun Day--  Photograph any signs of Spring that you have noticed around you
Mar 22:  International Goof-off Day--  What do you do when you are goofing off?
Mar 23: Near Miss Day-- have you had any "Near Misses" lately that you can document?
Mar 24: Document the contents of your purse today. What bizarre goodies are you lugging around?
Mar 25: National Medal of Honor Day-- Do you know anyone who has one?  Document it. 
Mar 26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day-- If you could create a holiday, what would it be & why?
Mar 27: Quirky Country Music Song Title Day-- What is the first one that comes to mind?  Make a 4x6 ATC-style card documenting why it amuses you
Mar 28: Weed Appreciation Day-- I don't know about you, but my yard is way more weeds than intentional plantings.  I've decided that as long as they don't have thorns, they can stay.  Otherwise, weeding would be a full time job.  Photograph your own battle with weeds, or why you've decided not to fight this fight.
Mar 29: Texas Loves The Children Day-- Well, my Little Man should definitely be here by the 29th.  We have a cute little T-Shirt that we bought him from the TX State Fair that says "Made In Texas" on the front.  I thought this would be a perfect photo-op  to celebrate this day.  If you don't have a newborn with a cute TX T-shirt, you could use this day to document where your children were born. 
Mar 30: National Day of Unplugging-- I think we could all use this day once in a while- certainly more than once per year!  Photograph the things that your family does when you aren't plugged in.
Mar 31:  Easter Sunday-- Easter is an easy day for photo ops.  Just start snapping away!
Mar 31: National "She's Funny That Way" Day-- photograph some of your personal quirks.

Off we go into another month!

Take tons of pictures, make lots of notes and most of all-- Enjoy it!!

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  1. I found your blog on the cricut chat. I googled using the Cricut for project life.
    I am new to project life, and I'm so loving it. I really want to incorporate my cricut though. Maybe some word art, simple images, I will start with the older carts for sure,(not so many layers)
    I haven't blogged much this past month, but I am thinking I may have a weekly post with a Cricut/Project Life idea.
    Happy to be a new follower.


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