Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 2013 Prompts

Happy January Friends & Fellow Project Lifers!!

The new year is here, with a slew of whole new projects to go with it!

No messing around!  We're jumping right into prompts for the year!

52 Lists in 52 Weeks:
  •  Goals for 2013
  • Things That 2012 Taught Me
  • My Favorite Ways to Stay Warm 
  • Books I Could Read Over & Over
  • 10 Random Facts About Me
  • Right Now I LOVE (this is one that I repeat every 3-4 months)

One Little Word:
My word for this year is "Breathe".  With so much going on this year, it just seemed like the perfect word for me.  I need an occasional reminder to stop & actually enjoy some of the craziness or I'm afraid that I'm going to wake up at age 80 & not know where the time went. 

I plan to create am 8x8 page with the definition of my word & a couple of photos that symbolize it for me, as well as some journaling explaining why I chose it.   I will try to post this LO once it gets done.

Project Life:
Monthly Themes:
  • Winter:  Look for signs of winter-- outdoors, in your home (decor, boots by the door, a snow shovel in the garage, salt on the steps), in your closet (warm sweaters, cozy sweatpants, darker colors), in your kitchen (stews & soups, hot cocoa mugs, etc.)  
  • Blue:  Look for blue in your environment-- the color blue, some blue emotions, bluesy music selections, how ever you choose to interpret it!
  • New: Look for all things new this month-- new goals, new outlook, new attitude, "new toys" (holiday gifts & gadgets), new Word, new routines, new anything.
  • Joy Germ Month: Document anything & everything that brings you joy!
Other monthly themes to consider--  These are monthly "holidays" that I thought might give you something to try, something to journal, something to change, something to think about.

January is:
  • Be Kind To Food Servers Month
  • International Creativity Month
  • National Self-Defense Month
  • National Soup Month
  • National volunteer Blood Donor Month
  • National Rising Star Month

Weekly Themes:
  • Celebration of Life Week-- The Mayans were wrong!  We LIVED! What can you do this week to celebrate the fact that you are alive in a brand new year?
  • New Year's Resolutions Week-- Document your resolutions or goals for the year & what you are doing TODAY to bring them to fruition.
  • Women's Self-Empowerment Week-- We all know some amazing women.  How do they do what they do?  Why are they so fantastic?  Maybe this is a good week to find out.
  • Intimate Apparel Week-- This one frankly scares the crap out of me, I'm not gonna lie.  (Being 7+ months pregnant, it's a little worse than usual!)  What can I do this week to become friends with my undies?  Maybe it's time to clean out the drawer & chunk all but the pretty ones.  Maybe it's time to do some leg lifts so they look a little nicer on me.  Document how you and your bras & panties can become buds.  If you already are, this is a good chance to document your collection & how it makes you feel.
  • National Take Back Your Time Week-- document some things that will help you reclaim a bit of your free time in the new year.  Maybe it's a few activities that you are cutting out, or an invitation that you are refusing or a new route to & from work that gets you home a few minutes earlier.  

Daily Ideas: 
Jan 1: Ellis Island Day- document how your heritage is represented in your life
Jan 2: National Motivation & Inspiration Day-- What are you inspired to do today?  OR What are you lacking inspiration to do?
Jan 3: JRR Tolkien Day - This is a perfect chance to go see the new Hobbit movie!  Make sure you get a pic & save the ticket stub!
Jan 4: Trivia Day-- photograph your family's favorite trivia game or show
Jan 5: George Washington Carver's Birthday- what is your fav Peanut butter brand and/or recipe?  
Jan 6: Get a beginning of the year self-portrait
Jan 7: National I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day-- document something that you are getting out of your life (a negetive person, clutter, extra stuff, what ever).  Make sure you journal aobut why.
Jan 8: National Earth's Rotation Day-- I think this is a perfect opportunity do document  A Day In The Life.
Jan 9: First School For Seeing Eye Dogs Established in 1929-- document how your pets help make your life better
Jan  10: National Cut Your Energy Costs Day-- Note what you do to keep costs down
Jan 11: International Thank You Day-- Make a point of saying Thank You to someone (or everyone) in your life- document it.
Jan 12: Take an ink hand-print from every member of your family today.  (This would be fun to repeat yearly to document each member of your household.)
Jan 13: Poetry Break Day-- Instead of a photo, print (or create) a quote from your favorite poem
Jan 14: Dress Up Your Pet Day-- Do you dress up your dog in sweaters or your cat in tutus?  Why or why not?
Jan 15: Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday-- document a dream you have for the future.  Start your journaling with "I have a dream..."
Jan 16:  Do Nothing Day-- today you have my permission to do absolutely nothing.  Have someone snap a pic of you doing nothing.  
Jan 17: Rid The World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day-- document some of the popular diets that you have tried. Have they worked?
Jan 18:  Muhammed Ali's Birthday-- He said "I float like a butterfly & sting like a bee."  Use this opportunity to create a catch-phrase of your own.
Jan 19:  National Popcorn Day-- document how your family likes to eat popcorn.  We are huge popcorn fans in my house, so this will be a big ol' journaling block for me!
Jan 20: Inauguration Day-- Use a screen shot to document Obama's second term.  Did you vote for him?  Why or why not?
Jan 21:  National Hugging Day-- get a hug on film
Jan 22:  Answer Your Cats Questions Day-- What questions do you think your kitty would ask if he/she could?
Jan 23:  John Hancock Day-- Have every member of your family do a signature card for your album.  (Another one that would be fun to repeat yearly)
Jan 24:  Belly Laugh Day-- catch someone mid-laugh
Jan 25:  A Room of One's Own Day-- document your personal space in your home
Jan 26: Mozart's Birthday (tomorrow)-- document your classical music collection
Jan 27:  Fun At Work Day: Get pics of the things you do to make your work day more fun
Jan 28:  Data Privacy Day-- What things are you super careful to protect & why?
Jan 29:  National Puzzle Day-- What kind of puzzles (jigsaw, crossword, trivia?) does your family like to do?
Jan 30:  Bubble Wrap Appreciaition Day-- Make an art journal block or filler piece using bubble wrap.  Make a mess. Be creative.  Have fun with it.  
Jan 31:  Inspire Your Heart With Art Day-- document some of the art you have in your home, where you got it, why you love it, what memories it brings back to you, etc.

I hope that this list gives you some things to try.  I would love love love to see you post a link to your project in the comments section!

Happy snapping!

******This will serve as your friendly monthly reminder to BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!! Everything else can be replaced, but photos can not.  ******


  1. This is AMAZING!!!!I will be printing this and using it for inspiration for my scrapbooking and for post ideas for my blog. Will definitely link back to you.

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  5. Cool lists and prompts. I'm new to PL so this a huge help. Thanks, I'm a new followerer now too


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