Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"I Heard" said The Bird

It was a morning like any other.  

There were 2 little birds in the driveway when she left for work, as there often were, and, as always, she stopped to talk to them. 

After a moment, 1 little bird took fright and flew away.

But the other, well, the other stayed and listened to what she had to say.

When their talk was over, the bird flew away, up to the ears of Someone Who Could Help.

"I Heard" said the bird.  

"I heard what she said and what she didn't say, and she is ready.

 If You help her, she will go on & do much good in the world."

A few hours later, the first call came.

It might be a match, did she want to come in for testing?

She did, of course. 

She was hopeful, but didn't want to get too excited. 

This call had come before and it had not worked out.

So she was not surprised when the night came & went with no results.

Then, just before lunch the next day, The Call came.  

"It's a match."

They might be some of the sweetest words in the English language. 

The surgery was performed that same day, with the whole family waiting impatiently for news.

Today, the healing is still on-going, but going.

And going well.

The family is ecstatic.

I believe that Someone knew that the world is a better place to have such a strong, amazing woman in it.

Sometimes, crummy stuff happens to people who don't deserve it.

Certainly, 15 year old boys don't deserve to die.

But his wonderful family was able to see past their own tragic loss, and allowed him to save the lives of others.

Because of his family's selfless generosity, a wonderful woman has been given a second chance.

I've never known anyone who deserved it more.

Sometimes, life is Tweet!

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  1. Wow, is that a personal story? The card is adorable.

  2. Thank you! It is the story of someone close to me. Just happened recently.


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