Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl blog Hop!!

Welcome to the Super Bowl Blog Hop!!!

It's a totally Sporty kinda day!

I have to say, as a general rule, I'm not much of a sports fan.

Probably because I am the least coordinated person alive.

The closest that I ever came to being athletic was marching in the Color Guard in high school.

And I'm pretty sure that doesn't actually count as a sport.

Thankfully, the Wii makes it possible for me to pretend to have some sort of athletic talent (ha!) and, in theory, possible for me to actually beat Steve at something.

(Again I say, in theory)

 I also wanted to share with you the cute invites that I made for our Super Bowl Party.

Ok, so it's gonna have to be Next year's Super Bowl Party 

a) the Cowboys are Our Team and inspired the card, but lost and lost and lost this year


b) it snowed like mad in Dallas after an ice storm, making it utterly impossible for us to be moved into the new house in time.  Pretty sure this one is just Mother Nature messing with me.....

I hope you enjoyed the projects (I love to hear what you think!!)

You can find more sporty inspiration by hopping on over to visit Nicollette

Thanks for joining us on our hop!!! 


  1. OOOOoo I'm in Missouri and its cold & snowy too but not 0. Love your invitation. TFS
    debbie_craine at hot mail dot com

  2. I love your game on layout! That is awesome!

  3. Jenne,

    I love your layout and cute invites!!! :) I'm glad you didn't put the year on your invites! How nice will it be to have them already made for next year?!

    Thank you so much for sharing,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  4. Oh, great layout, this is perfect inspiration for some of our wii photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Love the Wii layout---this is my kind of sporting, as well...Buffalo also lost and lost and lost this year--but we'll still have wings! You know I love your blog--and I'm a follower. Thanks for sharing! ksjennings at gmail dot com and/or

  6. Love the layout and the invitations, even though you didn't get to use them today I'm sure that people will love them when they get them. TFS

    croppinmommadesigns at wowway dot com

  7. I love your invitation! and your layout, the border is awesome
    I'm in Wisconsin so I've been hearing plenty about the weather in Dallas since the Green Bay Packers coverage is everywhere!
    hope it warms up for you soon

  8. I love your layout and invitations! the golfball looks so real. Don't you love the Wii!

  9. Fabulous job on your invitation and layout!!

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  11. I love, love, LOVE your invites!! So cute!

  12. love the invites!! soo cute!!! I love the wii layout!! really great. thanks for sharing!

  13. We love playing the wii at our house! Thanks for sharing your ideas

  14. The invites are so cute. I'll have to do something like this for our annual Superbowl gathering next year. This year we are deep frying a turkey!

    ksully4597 at gmail dot com

  15. Cute layout and invites. Thanks for sharing.

    vwilson577 at

  16. Very cute projects!!! Just adorable.
    Sorry about not moving in to your home. So ready for spring here also.

  17. Love your layout and card!! Maybe your team will make it next year!!
    PS send me your addy and i have a small treat for you!! (i made one for everyone participating in this hop!!)

  18. Fun projects!! I love them both!

  19. Cool layout and card! I'm in the DFW area too and the Cowboys are my team as well! I hope they'll do better next year with Coach Garrett at the helm! It's very exciting knowing that the Super Bowl is being played here this year and I wish I could be there to watch it in person. Thanks for sharing!

    lucyblueeyz at yahoo dot com

  20. Wow!!! You are great!!! I have been wondering what to do with the pictures I have of my family playing WII Sport and others like Dance 1 and 2. You did an AWESOME job. TFS and thank you for being in this hop. I hope you don't mind if I lift your idea.


  21. I didn't do sports either. I was basketball manager for the boys team and did stats in college for both teams. Today I do love to play golf and watch soccer.

    My team is in the Super Bowl. You don't know sick this is making me that my team is less than 6 hours away and I can't be there. :(

    vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

  22. I love the Wii! Great layout!

    Amanda (

  23. Very cute invites. Love your blog!

    pennyspad at sbcglobal dot net

  24. Hi Jenne, I am a new follower, and I am sorry, but I am the least coordinated person ever, so you cant have the title, cause I can't even do the Wii. lol I loved your projects, but you will not need those invites next year either, cause the Patriots will be winning the superbowl!! lol karen<3

  25. Cute LO! Love the invite! TFS!

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  26. I think you have great projects. I am sorry the weather messed with your moving into your new home. But... you do not want mud/ice tracked in! Soon enough you will be there. I live in West Michigan... the land of snow! 80 plus inches so far... about average! I am missing the sun! Thanks for sharing your projects. I am happy to be your 97th follower... almost 100! pjritsema at gmail dot com

  27. Love your layout. Thanks for the hop!

    jenlovcarr at aol dot com

  28. You did an amazing job. TFS!!!


  29. Cute project. I was never a participant in sports either. TFS

  30. I like the Wii Game on layout very cute!!!

    I became your 101 follower!!! I just hit 100 this weekend too....just thought i'd share.

    mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

  31. LOL!!! I lub your LO. Great take on the theme! TFS and the chance to win.


  32. I love the Wii layout and the superbowl invitations are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

    dbjb1519 at yahoo dot com

  33. Love your LO....Don't ya just love Wii...It's sooo much fun...Love your invites......Hope all goes well with your move.....TFS and stay safe....Enjoyed the blog hop....

  34. The wii layout cracks me up!!!


  35. LOVE those invitations and the Wii game layout! I am totally with you on not being coordinated enough to play any athletics, but the Wii makes me feel like a pro (sometimes)!

  36. I came across your blog from the forum post became a follower. I just love your work!! Come check out my blog...I could always use some more followers;)


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